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What everyone must know about best ceramic nonstick cookware

More and more people choose to cook in style with a stylish cookware set. There are numerous options of cookware set available in the market with different qualities and price ranges. One of the most favorite cookware set is the 8-Piece Amazon Basics non-stick cookware set. Here is anything you need to know about the cookware.

About Amazon Basics nonstick cookware set

As the name suggests, the 8-piece Amazon Basics non-stick cookware consists of 8 piece non-stick pans which are 10-inch fry pan, 8-inch pan fry pan, 1.5-quart saucepan and lid, 3-quart casserole pan and lid, and 2-quart saucepan and lid. The cookware is available for purchase at at a very affordable price. Compared to other cookware sets, the Amazon Basic is surely the most value for money. The cookware set is great for a starter set as it is designed with a firm handle, glass lid, and the overall look makes it sufficient to hang on the pot rack.

Features and performance


The Amazon Basics non-stick cookware set is made of heavy aluminum with a good-quality non-stick coating on its surface. The aluminum material makes the cookware very durable and sturdy for everyday use. The surface on the bottom side which has direct contact with the flame has a spiral design on it. So, the heat will spread evenly and makes it great for electric, gas, to glass stove use.

The non-stick coating is BPA-free, so, it is safe and easy to use. You can cook almost anything without the need to worry that the food will stick to the pan. As the main material is aluminum, you can expect the cookware to have a faster healing process. So, it is important if you know the right heating time to prevent burning the cookware. All the cookware have shallow and bent wall on the edge side, so, you can easily do a flip during cooking.

Nonstick coating –The 8-piece Amazon Basics non-stick cookware set emphasizes on the non-stick feature. It is a great way to cook in a healthy way because you do not need any fat,such as butter or oil for cooking. This is because the non-stick feature prevents the food from sticking onto the pan. Plus, you can easily transfer the food into a plate or platter without hassle.
Heat-proof handle –What makes a good cookware set is a heat-proof handle. This AmazonBasic non-stick cookware set is also built with a heat-proof handle for safety during cooking. Moreover, the handles are also sturdy and make it easier for you to lift the pan up while cooking.
Glass lid –Even though not all of the pans come with glass lid, but the 2 saucepans and casserole pan comes with glass lid. The glass lid allows you to cook the food perfectly without losing much flavor ,but still able to what is inside the pan.

  • BPA-free non-stick pans for easy cooking and cleaning
  • Spiral bottom pans for even heat spread and suitable for gas, glass, and also electric stove top.
  • Comes in two frying pans, two saucepans, and one casserole pans.
  • Sturdy handles for balance cooking and also heat-proof handles for safe cooking.
  • The vented glass lid lets the steam out without making the food lose much flavor.
  • The aluminum material makes the cookware durable for a long-time use.
  • Good price and great for beginner cooks
  • The fry pans do not come with Lid
  • It is required to always use non-metal utensils to prevent the pan surface from scratches.
  • In some cases, food can still be stuck to the bottom of the pans,especially if there is any scratch on it.
  • The cookware is not suitable for dishwasher and should only hand wash.
  • Make sure not to use harsh scrubbers to prevent scratches on the pan surface.

The cookware set does not come with a warranty, but you can definitely ask for warranty from the manufacturer if needed. However, if you do not ask for warranty, you cannot claim for any damages of the pan. Some people complain that the pan comes not in a circular shape. So, it is always a good idea to ask for warranty and support.

Care and cleaning

As aforementioned before, that this 8-piece cookware set is not suitable for the dishwasher. For a long-time use, it is important to hand wash the cookware. However, the non-stick coating makes it easier to clean because the food does not stick and you do not need to use the extra fat for cooking. This definitely makes it easier to clean the cookware. Even though it is easy to use, it is important to always use the non-harsh scrubber such as wire scrubber to prevent scratches on the non-stick surface.

This cookware is best for

The cookware is great for beginners to cook who does not have much time to season the pans like other types of cookware. The non-stick material is BPA-free, so it is safe for health. The best thing about this cookware set is it is value for money. With the affordable price, you can get a set of durable cookware with a heat-proof handle, and great design. Some of the pans come with a vented glass lid to preserve the flavor of the food.
The cookware set is marketed at a reasonable price and it is the best value for money. The five different sizes of the pans are very useful for the different cooking purpose. The best thing about this non-stick cookware set is you do not need to use the extra fat for cooking as it is already non-stick. This surely helps you to meet the healthy lifestyle.

The cookware set is made of aluminium,which makes it heat faster,but make sure to control the heat to prevent it from getting burnt. The 8-piece Amazon Basics cookware set is perfect if as a starter it for beginner cooks. The cookware can last up to a year or more if you know the right way to care for the pans.

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