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How to clean ceramic cookware or pan?

Ceramic cookware is one of the most popular cookware types which is available in the market today. Somehow, you decide to buy ceramic cookware because you want to get the best cooking experience. Anyway, ceramic cookware is actually made from hardened clay. Basically, the ceramic material is used to coat stainless steel material or cast iron material. In addition, the ceramic cookware is also designed with nonstick coating. When you prefer ceramic cookware, you probably need to know how to clean ceramic pan or the similar cookware products made from ceramic. Read these following 10 ways of caring ceramic nonstick cookware properly.

10 ways of caring for ceramic nonstick cookware

Cleaning Ceramic Pans

1. Clean ceramic pan immediately after use
First of all, when you use your ceramic pan to cook, you actually do not need to feel difficult in cleaning it up as long as you clean it after use. Don’t let the leftovers get sticky on the surface. So, you can just clean the ceramic cookware after you use.
2. Clean ceramic pan using some water
Somehow, when you do not use your ceramic pan for a long time, you can just clean it with water. You do not need to use soap or sponge. Simply, you just use water and rub it using your hand to clean it. It is very easy because there are no leftovers on the surface. But, when you use it for a long time and you cook something sticky, you may need a sponge and soap.
3. Simple hand washing using soap and sponge
The first simple way to clean ceramic pan is by using soap and sponge. In this case, you only have to hand wash your ceramic pan with water and soap. Usually, after using the ceramic pan, there are some leftovers on the surface. It also may contain dirty oil that you cannot clean it only using water. In this case, you can take some soap and then take the sponge to wipe the surface. You also need to make sure that the soap produces a lot of foam for effective cleaning. Meanwhile, you must not use any hard material to clean ceramic pan because it can damage the surface. So, sponge is the best option for safe cleaning. In fact, there are some ceramic cookware products which are dishwasher safe, so you have to read the instruction before cleaning it up.
4. Using hot water to eliminate burnt food leftovers
When you use ceramic cookware to fry or cook some foods, the burnt leftovers may still be on the surface despite you clean it with water and soap. Somehow, you need another way to clean ceramic pan effectively by using hot water. First of all, you have to prepare the hot water, and then you can just soak the ceramic cookware in the water. Well, the hot water will try to loosen up the leftovers on the surface and it will be easier to clean the surface using soap. In a certain case, the leftover can be difficult to clean, so we would recommend you to use vinegar mixed with water. Simply, you can add vinegar into the water and heat the water on a stove. The vinegar is very effective to eliminate some leftovers on the surface and it will make your ceramic cookware look new again.
5. Clean ceramic pan using baking soda
Baking soda is not only used for cooking food, but it is also very suitable for cleaning ceramic cookware, especially in eliminating any tough stains. The stains may not just disappear when you clean it with soap and water. Somehow, you have to sprinkle some baking soda on the surface so that the stains go. But, you have to make sure that the ceramic pan is in a dry condition, then you can sprinkle some baking soda. Simply, let the baking soda stand for 20 minutes on the surface. After that, you can just take a cloth and scrub the surface area to remove the stains. Once the stains slowly disappear, then you can rinse with clean water until you do not see stains anymore.

Caring for ceramic pans

6. Use warm water to clean the pan before using it
When dealing with caring for ceramic pan, it is important that you have to warm it up using hot water before you use it for the first time. You must not use the ceramic pan before cleaning it up because it may contain dust or chemical substances.
7. Don’t use bad spatulas or spoons
Anyway, ceramic cookware coating may be damaged when you use wrong spatulas or spoons. So, you are highly recommended to use good spatulas such as nylon spatulas, plastic spoon, silicon spatulas, or wood spatula to protect your ceramic cookware from damage. A metal spatula is not a good choice because it may scratch the coating.
8. Fry food using new butter or new oil
A used oil is not a good choice to reuse just in case you want to fry some foods because it can make your ceramic cookware looks awful. In this case, it can also be difficult to clean ceramic pan when you do not use a new oil or butter. Butter is a good choice for cooking because it is not too sticky. When cooking foods with oil, make sure that you put enough oil in order to protect the ceramic pan.
9. Cook using ceramic cookware with medium temperature
Controlling the temperature is also very important to make sure that your ceramic cookware looks shiny and new. Never cook with high temperature because it can cause black spots on the outer surface, especially if you use a regular stove. In this case, you can cook it with medium temperature for perfect cooking and protect the pan.
10. Store your ceramic cookware in a cabinet
After you clean ceramic pan properly, then it is time to store the cookware products. In this case, you are recommended to store your ceramic cookware in a safe place such as a special cookware cabinet or racks. But, before you store the cookware, you have to make sure that it is dry and check the surface if there is still leftover.

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