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Cooking needs more than just skill. It requires perfect equipment to produce quality, tasty and healthy recipes. It depends on how anyone applies the recipe and uses the right cookware. So far, stainless steel remains as the most dependable material that many cookware manufacturers are proud of. Its versatility is more than just flawless. It is also affordable, yet it has such a strong durability. But, most homeowners demand more than just high durability for their cookware set. They need the cookware to be dishwasher-safe for their hassle-free daily cooking. All of those features can be found on Multi-clad Pro MCP-12N from Cuisinart.


Features and Performance

Cuisinart remains as the most favorite cookware among millions of homeowners worldwide, thanks to its excellent quality with the best price. While there are many manufacturers claim that their cookware sets are in high quality stainless steel, they fail to prove the durability, particularly on the cooking surface. Unlike low quality stainless steel, MCP 12-N is free from discoloration, whether it is due to the food or flavors reaction.
Containing 12-piece cooking utensils, advanced or beginners will find them very valuable. There are saucepans with two different volume, Sauté pan, stockpot, two kinds of skillet, and steamer inserts. Users can just prepare the simplest to the most complicated recipes with any or all of these pieces.

While all stainless steel cookware sets are ready with the cool grip handles, MCP 12-N adds users’ comfort by adding stainless rivets. This is definitely helpful for beginners, who might not get used to fast cooking. Besides, they will feel the difference between this product and other stainless steel pans. All of them—whether it is the saute pan, stock pot, and sauce pans are easily controlled and balanced on any kind of stove.
The lids are tight fitting for users’ safety and comfort. Each lid matches to any pan, as this is definitely suitable for busy moms. Just like other cookware sets by Cuisinart, it is proud of Triple-Ply construction that ensures perfect cooking results from its heat distribution. Rare cookware sets apply aluminum core, magnetized stainless, and 18/10 stainless, at the same time. Even the heat retention doesn’t cause hot spots on the cooking surface. Still, the exterior is made perfect with the brushed, scratch-free stainless.

The covers for the saucepans, sauté pans and stockpots protect the foods in maintaining its flavors while keeping them healthy and clean. The cooking result is just the thing when users pour it down, without any drip, which means it is suitable for small dinner gatherings and even bigger events. MCP 12-N is helpful for skilled chef, while it is very breathtaking for beginners, who might not experience it with their previous cookware sets.

Above all else, every user finds each piece useful, whether it is for complete cooking—from appetizers to desserts, or even warming the cold soup and reheating pizzas and all kinds of pastas. Most buyers are satisfied with the fast cooking process, without taking the tasty result for granted. The simple cleaning process is also worth considering.

Warranty and product

The limited lifetime warranty is what users love about buying cookware sets from Cuisinart. The same thing applies to MCP 12-N. Users can directly report through a toll-free number of Cuisinart: 1-800-726-0190, or send the defective product to 150 Milford Road, East Windsor, NJ 08520 by enclosing $7 for the product shipping and handling fee.

However, it is important to keep in mind that Cuisinart is free from replacement obligation if the product is damaged, due to several factors below. They are:

• Accident
• Misuse
• Abuse
• Overheating
• Scratches
• Discoloration
• Stains
• All kinds of damages that don’t affect the cookware function

Care and cleaning

Many unsatisfied buyers may not have read about the details within the warranty and support page, in which there are instructions for maintaining all kinds of Cuisinart cooking sets. Buyers can read the essential precautions by avoiding high heat during the cooking process, or even preparing the cookware sets before using. Besides, there are also clues, whether users may cook using a gas burner or oven.
There are also simple steps about easy maintenance in cleaning the cookware sets, or removing stains which may be caused by calcium, and other chemical substances. Recommended cleaning products are also listed, so it is best to use either of those products, instead of others because they might not deliver a satisfied result. Even worse, they can damage the pans. Buyers need to pay attention to the best way in removing burner stains.

Yet, there are other simple instructions that buyers mostly take for granted. Stainless steel cooking sets can get damaged through the use of the wrong utensils. Plastic and wood are the most recommended utensils for cooking. Sharp utensils like knives and also whisks can easily scratch the surface, as it might affect the cooking result.

This cookware is best for either professional chefs or homeowners who love to try various recipes, without worrying about using the wrong cooking sets. All the 12 pieces of MCP 12-N are very versatile for all kinds of dishes. MCP 12-N is also recommended as a gift for friends or relatives, who still don’t have any cookware set for their new houses.

So, never hesitate to buy MCP 12-N for your excellent cooking experience, whether you are an expert or a basic learner. You won’t be disappointed with this product, while you don’t have to break your arm and leg to own this wonderful cooking set.

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