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Who said that an ordinary cooking set is enough to satisfy the cravings of everyone in the family? Even your daily meals need to be well prepared to enhance your appetite. This is why, it is always recommended to have at least a cooking set, containing complete pans and pots to help you in preparing various kinds of cuisines, based on your needs and tastes. Low quality pots or pans don’t last too long, and they can cause several risks, due to their scratches. Besides, they contribute to the food flavor, which may make you lose your appetite. So, there is nothing wrong to choose the stainless 11-piece cookware set from Cuisinart as your main ‘arsenal’ in the kitchen.

Performance & Features

You know very well that Cuisinart never disappoints, thanks to its consistently reliable cookware sets. It is true that there are many cookware sets out there in the marketplace. But, this 11-piece professional cookware set is worth your money and effort. Quality plays the major role in producing great cooking, so you won’t find any failure with this product.

This product is proud of its Power Bond, which brings a great impact on the fast and heat distribution evenly. Many other cookware sets may claim that they apply high quality stainless steel. But, you can easily prove it by acknowledging the handles. Not all stainless steel cookware sets have good strength and heat control. The handles remain lukewarm, even after minutes of the cooking process.

Now, let’s see how this cookware set ensures the quality of your cooking. Your cooking will maintain its nutrients with the technology of Flavor Lock of lids seal for the tempered glass cover for the pots and pans. Not only your cooking maintains its healthy nutrients, but it won’t dry out even if you don’t serve it right away.

Alright, you might not be surprised with all of those aforementioned features, as most stainless steel cookware sets have similar features. But, you can count on any of the 11-piece of cooking in your microwave or oven. It is safe for you to cook foods for up to 260 degrees Celsius. Whether you cook on the stove or microwave, you can rest assured that your cooking is well-done, as each piece is induction-cook top ready.

The 11 pieces contain saucepans with different sizes; 1.5 Quart and 2.5 Quart and 3 Quart with glass cover. The 3-quart saucepans have a good and sturdy handle; 8 Quart Stockpot which is also equipped with glass cover, 8″ Skillet and 10″ Skillet, Drip-Free Pouring, and 18cm Steamer Insert. They seem very common in size. But, you will be delightfully on how the lid can fit completely. This cookware set is definitely perfect for beginners, who often find difficulties when pouring liquid from the saucepan.

Never doubt on how Cuisinart helps all buyers to get the non-stick cookware. Cuisinart ensures all its cooking set products are non-sticky. You should never worry for its durability, as Cuisinart has been always perfect in maintaining the overall performance. So far, loyal buyers of Cuisinart products never complain about any discoloration case on their cookware sets.

  • Durable
  • Perfectly designed with mirror-satin finishing
  • Riveted stainless steel handles to ensure perfect, no-heat handling
  • Power Bond bonded base for even and fast heat distribution
  • Flavor Lock lids with durable tempered glass for locking moisture as well as nutrients at the same time.
  • Lightweight, yet sturdy handling
  • High rating customers review on Amazon.
  • It works on the induction range, so it is safe to heat and cook.
  • All the saucepans are wide enough to avoid spilling during cooking.
  • The handle is not too hot, even with bare hand.
  • The tempered glass is proven to be unbreakable, based on customers’ reviews, even if theirs were dropped down several times accidentally
  • Easy to clean
  • Flat bottoms for convenient position on various kinds of stove
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Some buyers need more pieces, as compared with the price
  • Discoloration may apply when they are overheating frequently

Warranty & Support

Just like other Cuisinart cookware sets, this Professional 11-Piece Stainless Cooking set is also equipped with warranty and support. For Amazon users, they can simply click the PDF file on the ‘Warranty & Support’ section. But it is worth mentioning that Cuisinart guarantees full refund when the damage is not caused by accidents, abuse and misuse. Of course, it includes overheating that may cause discoloration on the interior. The warranty doesn’t apply to scratches as well, as buyers have already gotten complete information about the required tools to use for cooking, like wood or plastic spatulas. The warranty cannot cover the damage, due to the
Buyers get a limited lifetime warranty, in which they can get a replacement or repair when the materials of the product are already damaged during the delivery,shipping, as well as being malfunctioning, like overheating when users apply small fire.

Care & Cleaning

There are specific instructions before using any of pans and pots here. First, users should wash the new pans or pots before using them for the first time. Washing them by using dish liquid detergent is recommended. Warm water is recommended, and users can also use the dishwasher. Its overall maintenance is actually very easy, in which users should never use it directly, after cooking. Wash the cookware set when it is already cold, in order to avoid damages due to extreme temperature.

Don’t be shocked when, someday, you see some stains. They may be caused by calcium, that can be unavoidable. There are special products that can clean the stains perfectly, without ruining the surface, such as Cameo, Bon Ami, etc. But, you can also apply DIY liquid like warm vinegar.

Keeping or stacking the cookware sets within drawers can scratch them, so it is strongly recommended to place them on the specific cookware rack.

This cookware set is perfect for beginners, who need lightweight yet sturdy cookware sets with a convenient handle. Yet, experts will find this product helpful in creating various recipes, as each of them are easy to clean though they might need more pans and pots for serving complete menus.

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