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Living in a healthy environment can make you live longer because you will only get fresh air and beautiful scenery. This is commonly called Go Green environment. In fact, you can try to apply this Go Green concept to your kitchen theme. Green kitchen is a very beautiful theme that is suitable for any modern and traditional homes. You can actually try some ways to make such an environmental-friendly kitchen. You just need some inspirations and we would love to share with you about some of the best Go Green concepts for your kitchen.

Here are 10 tips to get a green kitchen that you can try in your own ways.

1. Drink clean to save money

The first way to get Go Green Kitchen is to have drink clean. What does it mean? In this case, you can equip your kitchen sink with filter contaminants. You can also integrate it with ROS or reverse osmosis system to sterilize water. Of course, you can save money by using this concept because you do not need to cook water anymore or buy bottled mineral water because you can just drink it directly to your faucet. Nowadays, this drink clean kitchen concept has been applied to many apartment kitchens or modern homes.

2. Cook smart for healthy environment

For the Go green kitchen concept, it is really important to apply cook smart system to your kitchen. In this case, you have to replace your old gas stove with a modern top such as electric cook top. Most of today’s modern kitchen has been using induction cook top to keep the environment healthy. This induction cook top does not produce smoke that can cause air pollution, particularly if you use it in a closed area. But, when dealing with induction cook top, you also need to choose the suitable cookware that supports induction cook top.

3. Choose the best cookware

In addition to choosing the induction cook top, a Go green kitchen concept may also depend on the use of cookware. Now, it is time to eliminate all danger cookware products that contain PFOA or PTFE and Teflon. Choosing the best cookware is very important to make sure that you eat good food everyday. Anyway, talking about go green cookware, we would like to recommend you stainless steel, ceramic cookware, and cast iron cookware. Not only that, you also need to choose the best utensils that you can use for a long time and it does not damage your cookware.

4. Wash dishes the green way

The fact shows that washing your dishes by hand can waste so much water while when you use a dishwasher, you can save 40% water. Somehow, you can still reduce the use of water for washing the dishes in which you can equip the sink with soapy water and then you also put a rinse water next to it. This goes green kitchen concept is really suitable for small load of dishes and it will make the dish washing become more effective and efficient.

5. Check your refrigerator condition

Refrigerator is a very important electronic device that you must have in your kitchen. But, if you do not use it properly, it can even waste energy, especially if the door does not close securely. Doing a quick inspection can be a good idea to make sure that there is no leaking on the door. You can do a simple way using a dollar bill that you can put around the door. When the dollar bill is easy to take, the door may be leaking. Thus, you have to repair the refrigerator door to avoid leaking.

6. Recycle food scraps

There are so many leftovers that you may want to throw away in your kitchen. However, throwing trash,waste is not a good idea because you can still recycle it. In this case, you can turn eggshells, banana peels, and coffee ground into a rich soil conditioner for your flowers in your garden. All you need to do is just to prepare a special container or a trash can where you can collect the waste. The waste can also be a good fertilizer to make your plants grow well.

7. Put some flowers indoor

It will look fresh if you put some flowers in your kitchen for a go green kitchen concept. Somehow, you need to have transparent glass windows in which you can place some plants near the windows. This flower is able to make the kitchen atmosphere look harmonious and beautiful. Anyway, this concept is actually suitable for the modern kitchen theme. If you do not like a real flower, then you probably can use artificial flowers.

8. Original wooden kitchen cabinet

Nowadays, there are so many kinds of kitchen cabinets that you may buy in the market. Somehow, if you want to have a Go Green Kitchen concept, it is a good idea to use wood kitchen cabinet with original material. How does it look like? This original wooden kitchen cabinet is actually made from hardwood, but you do not need to paint it. Simply, you can let the original wood color to get a friendly-environmental atmosphere.

9. Use glass kitchen appliances

When dealing with cookware, you may prefer stainless steel or ceramic cookware for the best green kitchen concept. But, when it comes with choosing kitchen appliances such as plates, cups, and bowls, then we would like to recommend you to choose glass material. This glass material is not only safe, but it also looks so futuristic in style. In addition, it is also suitable for today’s apartment kitchen theme which demands sleek kitchen appliances.

10. Purchase kitchen items with less packaging

Basically, it is not a prohibition to use such a complete packaging when buying items in a store. Somehow, you can reduce the use of packaging because it may only become waste in your kitchen. For a nice go green kitchen concept, there must be less waste in the kitchen. This does not only make your kitchen look good, but it is also a good lifestyle.

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