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10 ways to reinvent your healthiest cookware

Choosing the healthiest cookware for successful cooking

Cooking is very interesting. It has existed since the ancient time. Filling their biological need. Of course we all need to cook every day. We are hungry every day.

Choosing the healthiest cookware is a must. These days, people are more aware of keeping their health,especially when it comes to cooking. Therefore, make sure you are one of them. Health comes from healthy cookware. You have to keep vitamin, minerals and nutrition inside the ingredient that we cook. This article focuses on types of cookware,also their pros and cons.

10 ways to choose the healthiest cookware
1.Aluminum cookware
This metal based cookware is very commonly in use. It is cheap and rust proof. Moreover, the heat from the stove will go through it easily and fast. It is light,but pretty durable. If you find some cheap cookware, this one will suit you. However, it is not recommended if you want healthy cookware. Aluminum can release toxins. Moreover, it is easy to leach. Your food will be in danger.
 2.Teflon cookware
Be careful if you want to use this kind of cookware. Teflon based cooking utensil is indeed easy to use and nonstick. Nonetheless, make sure you choose the best one even though there is no one. Teflon is toxic. This kind of cookware is prohibited in some advanced countries. Make sure you do not use it for the sake of your life.
3.Stainless steel cookware
Clearly, this kind of cookware is very safe to use. It is very durable and does not leach. Even it is bulletproof. If there is a bad guy entering your house, grab the cookware and protect yourself. Anyway, it will pass the heat over the food on it perfectly. You will save your time and money. It is not toxic, easy to use and easy to clean. The vitamins, minerals and other nutrition will stay there.
4.Anodized aluminum
This one is safer than the stainless steel. It is absolutely nonstick. You cannot scratch it easily. It is able to spread the heat thoroughly. It is not cheap anyway. However, it is durable, sturdy and pretty safe to use. Some people use it because of its ability to repel rust.
5.Ceramic cookware
It is healthier than any other cookware. Ceramic is good at spreading heat. Nonetheless, it can lose it as quickly. Even so, it is very efficient in cooking. The heat from the stove will not go in vein. Nonetheless, the surface can be damaged at ease. The price  of ceramic cookware is affordable. Moreover, it is the most common cookware that people use to cook.
6.Cast iron cookware
This tough little guy is good enough for cooking. Cast iron cookware is pretty heavy and old fashion. However, you can rely on its durability. If you use olive oil, possibly it will not get sticky. Furthermore, for an emergency, you can use it as a weapon. This kind of cookware is affordable.
7.Bronze cookware
Many people love bronze cookware. It is rustproof, easy to clean and able to spread heat perfectly. In the ancient time, bronze was widely used for making cooking utensils. Our ancestors knew that bronze was very good for making cookware. The cookware looks beautiful and classic. Actually, for some people, bronze cookware can make their kitchen,look great. This one is my favorite aside from the copper and the clay ones.
8.Clay cookware
This one is the most classic cookware ever. Our ancestors used it since the caveman’s period. Clay cookware is really amazing, beautiful, classic and rust proof. Even though it is to break,but this one is really unique. Your food will taste better if you cook it inside clay cookware. Trust me, it works. It is cheap and sturdy enough as long as you do not drop it hard. Clay cookware is the most well-known throughout history. Many countries in Asia and Africa are big fans of it. Tibet is also famous for clay cookware production. They make black clay cookware.
9.Copper cookware
This is actually the brother of the bronze cookware. Since ancient time, humans have used copper for making tools including cookware. This is as classic as the bronze. It is sturdy, rustproof and waterproof. It looks gorgeous from every angle. In terms of spreading heat, this kind of cookware is the master. It is healthy to use copper cookware. Moreover, your kitchen will look ancient but classic.
10.Titanium cookware
This is the bodies among all. It is bulletproof, rustproof, nontoxic, nonstick, sturdy, durable, has a cool look and very classy. Interestingly, titanium is usually used to build tanks or other heavy duty weaponry. It will last like forever. Your cooking stuff will be much easier and more efficient if you use it. Moreover, it can be used as a weapon if something goes wrong while you are cooking in the kitchen. Titanium is very rare in existence. Notwithstanding, you can rely on it.

Now, this the time to choose the cookware that you like most. If I were you, I would choose the titanium, clay, bronze and copper ones. Stay away from Teflon coated cookware. It will be healthier to cook without Teflon. Price is relatively subjective. The most important thing is your health. Do not use one only because it is cheap.

Titanium is the most expensive one. If you want expensive cookware, it is for you. However, if you like some ancient and tribal cookware, then the clay one will be perfect. For some reason, some others prefer bronze and copper cookware for they are classic and unique. Their colors are amazing and simple. Do not get confused to make a decision. It is very easy to make one.

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