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What everyone ought to know about nonstick copper cookware set

Even though you are not into cooking that much, but it is mandatory to have a good cookware set at home. Everyone has different criteria of what is a good cookware set, but in general, it should be last long, sturdy, and easy to maintenance. Cookware set is very popular these recent days because it allows you to have various types of cookware in one package. Usually, there are four to 12 types of cookware in one set for various cooking purposes. One of the best cookware set is the 12 piece Michelangelo non-stick copper cookware set. The Michelangelo cookware set consists of 12 different cookware including pans, fry pan, skillet, and more.


Features and Performance
The Michelangelo kitchenware is manufactured in Germany and formerly known as Michelin. The company has been producing world-class cookware for more than 30 years. The cookware set combines excellent craftsmanship, good quality, and also innovative design. All of the pans and pots are made of Aluminum Alloy and copper finish to give the beautiful rose gold hue. It is aimed to provide a healthy and beautiful cookware that will last for years in every kitchen.

In one package, there are seven items which are an 8-inch skillet, 10-inch skillet plus cover, 8 quants pot plus cover, 1.5 quants saucepan plus cover, 3 quants saucepan with cover, 3.5 quants sauté pan plus cover and helper handle, and 8-inch steamer insert. Here are the features of 12 piece Michelangelo non-stick copper cooking set.

• Even heat distribution – since the cookware is made of aluminum alloy, it makes the heat distribution even. Besides the even heat distribution, the pan is also heating up very quickly and makes cooking faster than usual. Even though the pans heat up quickly, but expect no specific hot spot due to the even heat distribution.

• Nonstick coating – the main feature of this cookware is the non-stick ceramic coating. The non-stick feature allows you to cook healthier with less of fat,but the food does not annoyingly stick to the pan. The combination of ceramic and titanium makes the pans non-stick and scratch resistant. The cookware will surely last for a really long time.

• Ergonomic handle – ergonomic handles just make this cookware perfect. The handle provides a comfortable grip, easy maneuver, and also stays cool during cooking. The handles are made of stainless steel which does not rust easily,but provides sturdy support.

• Glass lid – six out of seven items in this Michelangelo cookware set comes with glass lid. The glass lid allows you to cover the food during cooking and preserve the taste. Thus, you do not need to frequently open the lid to check on food as the glass lid shows everything.

• Toxic-free and green – the Michelangelo 12 piece ceramic cookware set does not use PFOA and PTFA in the product. It also cadmium and lead-free which is the new standard of a healthy cookware. The ceramic cookware set is surely safer and greener cookware which is better for you and the planet.

  • The cookware set is very easy to maintain. You can just simply put in the dishwasher and they are good to go. Also, the material of the pan allows you to use any cooking utensils because it is scratch resistant.
  • • The glass lid fits perfectly to the pans and frying pans to preserve the flavor of the food. Thus, there is no need to frequently open and close the lid just to check the food.
  • • The Michelangelo copper cookware is very easy to clean. You can just simply clean it in the dishwasher or manually clean. Even if you accidentally burn food on it, just clean the pan and it will turn out like a new pan again.
  • • The flat surface of the pans and frying pans make it suitable for any heat source both gas and glass and also induction. You can also pop the pans and fry pans right into the oven.
  • • The handle length is just perfect for maneuver and it also stays cool during cooking.
  • • Suitable for the beginner cook and those with a small kitchen at home.
  • The steamer stray does not very sturdy,especially if you cook food in large quantities.
  • • Some people experience the pans are no longer non-stick after a couple times of use.
  • • Considering the size of the pans, you can only cook a small amount of food at a time.

Warranty and support


The Michelangelo 12 pieces of copper cookware set comes with limited lifetime warranty. If you need to claim anything, the friendly and easy-to-reach customer service is also available. The warranty and customer support make sure that your purchase is risk and worry-free. Even though the support care is available, always make sure that you purchase the cookware only from an authorized seller.

Care and cleaning

The Michelangelo copper cookware is very easy to clean and maintain. The cookware set is dishwasher safe,but it is recommended to clean it manually. It is also scratch resistant,which allows you to use any cooking utensils. Different cooking style may affect the non-stick lifespan. However, even though the pans and fry pans claim to distribute heat evenly, but it is always better to control the heat to prevent food burn.

This cookware is best for

MICHELANGELO-Copper-set review

The 12 piece of the Michelangelo copper cookware set is suitable for the beginner cook and those who do not like the fuss of cooking. The non-stick pan surface makes cooking and cleaning a lot easier. The cookware is also perfect for those who care about health as you can use less fat or oil and the overall cookware contains no lead, cadmium, PFOA, and PTFA. Considering the size, the Michelangelo copper cookware is a perfect match for people with a small kitchen. The combination of rose gold and black for the cookware makes it a good addition to the kitchen showcase.

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